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Bulletproof Greens

Bulletproof Greens


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Bulletproof Greens have superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and a full serving of vegetables to help fill gaps in your diet, plus nootropics and digestive aids to support brain and gut health.

Bulletproof Greens - 35 Ingredients, Limitless Benefits


Bulletproof Greens are an easy way to incorporate more real foods and essential nutrients into your daily routine.†


• 12 Vegtables & Fruits


The Blend: Organic spinach, organic kale, broccoli, organic celery, cauliflower, cabbage, kelp, organic cucumber, limes, lemons, organic blueberries and organic strawberries


The Benefits: 


  • Full serving of vegetables◊
  • Keto-friendly, low-glycemic citrus, fruits and berries
  • Good source of calcium, iron and vitamin K2


Did you know? Bulletproof chooses which organic ingredients to source based off the Environmental Working Group’s 2021 list.


• 2 Nootropics


The Blend: Citicoline and panax ginseng


The Benefits:


  • Science-backed nootropics support focus and attention†
  • Citicoline improves focus and supports healthy brain function†
  • Panax ginseng curbs minor mental fatigue to help keep you sharp†


Did you know? Nootropics are cognition- and brain-supporting compounds that range from plant extracts to chemicals produced by the body.


• 11 Digestive Aids


The Blend: Amylase, protease, alpha-galactosidase, glucoamylase, lactase, protease, invertase, lipase, ccid maltase, peptidase and 2 billion CFU (20mg) bacillus coagulans (Lactospore®)


The Benefits:


  • Supports healthy digestion†
  • Formulated to help you break down nutrients and absorb them better†
  • Support a healthy GI tract†
  • Provide good bacteria to your gut†


Did you know? Certain enzymes like alpha-galactosidase and glucoamylase are great for helping your body break down plant fibers.†


• 3 Vitamins & Minerals


The Blend: 180mcg vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7), 100% daily value of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B12), 200mg calcium (as calcium citrate)


The Benefits:


  • Vitamin K2 supports a healthy heart and strong bones†
  • High potency B-complex vitamins support healthy energy levels†
  • Calcium citrate decreases the effects of oxalates, anti-nutrients that can interfere with mineral absorption†


Did you know? There are several forms of vitamin K. We use K2 (MK-7) because it’s more biologically active than other forms.†


• 7 Superfoods & Mushroom Blend


The Blend: Acai berry, acerola fruit, green tea extract, spirulina, chlorella, lion’s mane mushroom and cordyceps mushroom


The Benefits:


  • Antioxidant support from nutrient-dense foods†
  • Ingredients known to have overall health and wellness benefits
  • Blend of mushrooms that supports overall wellness and vitality†
  • Lion’s mane and cordyceps mushroom have antioxidant properties†


Did you know? Superfoods have been used for centuries for their beneficial effects like helping to protect your brain from stress, fighting free radicals and supporting healthy aging.

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